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UDO Super 6 Desktop B-Stock

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UDO's brand new, super compact and beautifully designed Super 6 Desktop offers the irresistible combination of a powerful and accessible musical instrument with flexible and immediate control of gorgeous analog sound and unrivalled build quality. All in a desirable portable format designed to open the Super 6 to a new audience.

  • Excellent condition

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  • A full featured Super 6 Analog Hybrid 12-Voice Synthesizer in a beautifully designed, compact, portable, all metal desktop chassis.
  • Ergonomic features such as VESA mount compliance, optional rack ears (7U) and robust flip up feet offering versatile integration into your studio.
  • Large format, high quality potentiometers and switches for unparalleled tactile feel and exemplary lifespan.
  • Additional features such as drift control, independent control of analog Highpass filter, pan spread control and advanced envelopes and polyphonic aftertouch.
  • Polychain option (with Super 6) and MPE operability in future update.


  • Gorgeous sounding 12-voice Polyphonic Binaural Analog-Hybrid Synthesizer with Superwave Technology.
  • Superior build quality and intuitive hands- on control for expressive performances with no menus or menu-diving.
  • State-of-the-art FPGA-based oscillators featuring Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) and downloadable waveforms.
  • Real Voltage Controlled Analog filters and amplifiers and modulators.
  • Flexible loopable envelopes, LFOs and modulators with audio rate modulation Immediate and easy to use arpeggiator and sequencer and 24-bit Digital effects section.
  • Feet: Retractable rear feet for a more ergonomic positioning in a desktop setting.
  • Ears: Optional detachable rack ears for easy mounting in 19” rack setups.
  • Arms: Rear VESA mount attachments for easy use with standard monitor arms.

Warrenty & Returns

B-Stock products can be demo units, opened box items, review units or customer swaps. All products go through a full test to make sure that they meet the performance specifications of brand new products. All products ship with a 6 month warranty, and a 14 day no-hassle return policy with only the shipping costs being covered.