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Sonicware LIVEN Lofi-12

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The LIVEN Lofi-12 has a 16bit - 12kHz/24kHz sampling engine with the 12bit Sampler mode that will turn any sound into a pleasing lo-fi sound.

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Like the many legendary samplers that were released in the late 80s, this is a genuine low-bit and low-sampling frequency sound that cannot be obtained authentically with bit crusher effects and other modern sound-degrading tools.

Up to 4 seconds mono sampling per sample slot (2 seconds mono sampling at the 24kHz mode). Start and end point trimming, pitch adjustment, reverse playback, sustain loop, filtering and LFO modulation are all possible.

Easily play samples chromatically across the keyboard

Sounds sampled by the LIVEN Lofi-12 are automatically assigned to the keyboard and can be played easily at different pitches.

The well-known vintage sampler technique of sampling a 33 RPM vinyl at 45 RPM and then slowing it down created the gritty, lo-fi sound often heard in '90s hip-hop. The LIVEN Lofi-12 makes it easy to recreate that sound!

80 carefully selected lo-fi preset sounds are included.

The LIVEN Lofi-12 is equipped with the powerful 4-track step sequencer that has earned the LIVEN XFM a solid reputation.

You can easily create a 4-part song by selecting a sampled sound for each track, and with the Sound Lock function, you can easily switch sampled sounds for each phrase or sequencer step, allowing you to use an almost infinite combination of sounds within a single song.

  • Sequence up to 64 steps per pattern.
  • Save up to 64 patterns.
  • Sub-divide the tempo down to 32nd notes.
  • Program notes step by step or record them in real-time. Additionally, you can also input notes to specific steps while the sequencer is playing to add variation.
  • The Parameter Lock function allows you to record knob changes into your patterns. This can be recorded live, or programmed in step by step.
  • The Sound Lock function allows you to record selected sound changes into your patterns. You can use an almost infinite combination of sounds within a single song.

The Laid-back knob on the LIVEN Lofi-12 allows you to delay the start of the selected sampled sound.

For example, you can slightly delay the snare drum sound in your drum pattern, or use the Parameter Lock function to shift the sound timing later for each step individually.

The LIVEN Lofi-12 features independent effects on all four tracks. You can select from 11 types of effects from the LIVEN series, and the effect parameters can be automated in steps using the Parameter Lock function.

In addition, 6 types of high-quality Reverbs + Cassette Tape Simulator and Vinyl Simulator are included as the master effect. The send amount can be adjusted for each track for mixing.


Track Effects

  • Chorus
  • Flanger
  • Tremolo
  • Delay
  • Distortion
  • Bit Crusher
  • Low Pass Filter
  • High Pass Filter
  • Isolator
  • Tilt EQ
  • Compressor

Master Effects

  • Hall reverb
  • Room Reverb
  • Arena Reverb
  • Plate Reverb
  • Tunnel Reverb
  • Infinity Reverb
  • Cassette Tape Simulator
  • Vinyl Simulator