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Sonicware LIVEN 8bit warps

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LIVEN 8bit warps is combined an 8-bit waveform memory synthesizer with a step sequencer, that we are designing with a focus on live electronic performance.

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The classic 8-bit sweep function found in classic consoles and handhelds has been ported and upgraded for the Liven 8-bit warps. Use this function to recreate classic soundtracks or push it to the limit for unique percussive sounds.

Thicken your sound using the detune control. Automate the detune amount in your patterns to transition between modern and 8-bit flavors.

The LIVEN series features, responsive hands-on controls that are optimized for jamming and live performance.

Recreate classic video game sounds, or forge a new path in the 8-bit domain.

  • WARP: Cross-fade between two different waveforms to create a unique waveshape.
  • ATTACK: Instantly cut from one waveform to another, using variable attack time.
  • MORPH: Morph between up to three waveform using this wavetable engine.
  • FM: Explore the frontier of 8-bit synthesis using this 2 operator FM engine.