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Hosa Microphone Preamp - MPA-149 - XLR3F to XLR3M

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The MPA-149 is an active, in-line mic preamp that provides +26dB of gain to any low-output dynamic, or passive ribbon microphone. The MPA-149 utilizes a discrete Class-A circuit design and selected FET circuitry to offer a clean signal path and low-noise operation. Its compact metal housing is designed to perform reliably in any environment.

Where increasing the gain on consoles, interfaces, or other external preamps may introduce more noise, the MPA-149 provides a clean boost to your signal. Ideal for podcasters, streamers, public speakers, and gigging professionals relying on venue preamps.

Connecting the MPA-149 is simple, just insert between your microphone and cable into any mixer, console, interface, or external preamp that provides 48V phantom power. The MPA-149 will not pass phantom power through to your passive microphones.

*Do not connect to any other power supply.

  • Convenient in-line design
  • Provides +26dB of transparent gain
  • Improves audio quality
  • Powered via 48V phantom power