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Hosa Technology

HAND-E-GLOVE DIY Professional Hand Protective Lotion

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HAND-E-GLOVE® is a unique, easy-to-apply lotion designed to create a thin, Invisible Glove around your hand. Made with natural, organic ingredients, HAND-E-GLOVE is ideal for use in environments that would normally require gloves or cause stained hands. HAND-E-GLOVE takes the place of a traditional set of gloves and preserves your natural sense of touch while also being antistatic. Best of all, the small bottle will last you up to 200 treatments and go with you everywhere.

Rather than apply common hand sanitizers, which can dry out your hands, HAND-E-GLOVE conditions and moisturizes while being as simple to remove as a wash of the hands. Protect and shield your hands from dirt, grease, chemicals, and other harsh contaminants with HAND-E-GLOVE and avoid having stains on your hands for days.