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EBS NeoLine 210 Light-weight Bass Cabinet

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The EBS Neoline cabinets are capable of handling the most demanding levels of sound. They are for bass players looking for extraordinary sonic qualities and power.

Every EBS NeoLine speaker cabinet is made from truly tonal, lightweight plywood, with a baffle made of birch. Equipped with 3rd generation Neodymium speakers, these cabinets have superior, dynamic range and unbeatable power handling throughout the entire frequency spectrum, to satisfy even the most demanding bass player.

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Are you using Impulse Responses?

Using devices with Impulse Responses to simulate various speaker cabinets is increasingly popular. But to truly harness the potential of this technology with your bass rig, you need speakers that offer both transparency and impressive power handling

To unlock the full potential of your IR-equipped device, pair it with an EBS speaker cabinet that embodies transparency and delivers a full-range sound. They offer the optimal conditions for recreating the entire palette of speaker tones you may get from using IR, providing the authenticity and richness in detail that you crave.

Roadworthy design

The NeoLine cabinets are built for heavy touring with sturdy construction and roadworthy protection features such as the woven steel grill, resistant felt, and heavy-duty wheels on the 810 model.

Cabinet Specifics

  • 13-ply Birch (baffle) & Lightweight plywood (cabinet) covered with resistant felt.
  • Protective woven steel grill, black lacquered.
  • Deep Dish Handles.
  • Heavy-duty back wheels with top and side handles on the 810 cabinet.

Speakers & Connectors

  • 2x Neutrik® SPEAKON connectors for input and link through.
  • Light-weight Neodymium speakers selected & optimized for each model.
  • Adjustable 2" tweeter.


  • Configuration 2 x 10" + 2"
  • Frequency Response 50 - 18k Hz*
  • Sensitivity 102 dB
  • Power Rating 500 W RMS
  • Impedance 4 ohms (8 ohms on request)**
  • Volume 63 liters
  • Height 39 cm / 15"
  • Width 58 cm / 23"
  • Depth 44 cm / 17"
  • Weight 19 kg / 42 lbs