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EBS HP-58 High Performance Flat Patch Cables- Right Angle Jack - 58CM


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The high performance flat patch cable offers the best signal quality of all EBS famous flat patch cables. Now featuring 30% reduced size contact housing and 24k gold plated contacts.

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EBS Flat Patch Cables have helped pedalboard users to optimize the use of space on their pedal boards and revolutionized the patch cable market.

With the EBS High Performance (HP) flat patch cables, you will have access to a cable that saves a lot of space and provide premium signal quality at the same time.

  • The new tin-plated copper braid shield improves the shielding capability immensely to guarantee no signal loss on your pedalboard. It also improves the durability of the cables.
  • The cables also have extremely low capacitance & resistance to prevent any signal loss.
  • The contact is now 24K Gold plated in its entire, features a 30% reduced size housing, and has a ribbed surface on the side of the housing for better grip and identity.
  • Available in four lengths to cover your needs; 10, 18, 28, and 58 cm.

The High Performance (HP) is the top-of-the-line flat patch cables from EBS in addition to the Premium Gold (most compact) and PCF-Deluxe (most affordable) cables.


Right Angle to Right Angle