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EBS DynaVerb Limited Spring Edition

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The EBS dynaverb limited spring edition simulates the natural reverberation in different kinds of acoustical spaces, from big concert halls to smaller rooms, as well some classic reverb effects such as reversed, gated and spring-type reverb. By adding reverb to your sound, you can create a sense of depth and space that can make your playing more expressive and immersive.

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The DynaVerb Limited Spring Edition is a stereo reverb pedal for professional use. With three new reverb effects of Reversed, Gated, and Spring-type, and three Hall and three Room reverbs this versatile pedal is designed for bass players who want to expand their sound options.

The new DynaVerb is created for bass but can enhance any instrument from guitar to keyboard and even vocals with its studio-quality sound in full range.

Super easy to use

The DynaVerb Limited Spring Edition is super easy to use. The Reverb control knob sets the mix level between the wet and dry signal. The Tone knob adjusts the treble, or timbre of the effect. Two switches select the type of effect and decide which of the three options for each type (A, B, C) to use. See the program matrix under the Specs tab for details.

Parallel mode option

studio. The pedal has an internal switch that allows it to be set to parallel mode if desired.

The weight is reduced from 400g to only 245g (0.54 lb.) compared to the previous version.

It is strongly recommended to use the DynaVerb with a 9V DC power adaptor, such as the EBS AD-9 Pro. Consider battery use only as a backup solution. Battery not included.


  • Nominal Input Level - 8 dBv
  • Input Impedance 1 Mohms stereo 500 kohms mono
  • Dry Bandwidth +0 / -3 dB 20 - 20k Hz
  • Reverb Bandwidth +0/-3 dB 20 - 20k Hz
  • Tone Low Pass Filter min / max 1 / 20 kHz
  • Reverb Types 3 Halls, 3 Rooms, and 1 Reversed, 1 Gated, and 1 Spring-type effect.
  • Sampling Frequency 48 kHz
  • Dynamic Range 107 dB A-weighted
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.8 x 4.5 x 1.4" (70 x 115 x 35 mm)
  • Weight 245g (0.54 lb.)
  • Bypass True Bypass
  • Power Requirements 9 - 18 V DC Regulated, 80 mA max.** EBS recommends the use of the EBS AD-9 Pro DC adapter (not included).