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EBS DC1-48 90/0 SER - DC Power Adaptor Cable - Serial Connection to increase Voltage, 48 cm

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It sucks when you realize your coolest vintage pedal or latest digital processor-driven unit can't be fed from your pedalboard power supply because they are thirstier or uses different power inputs than your power supply features. At worst, you may even skip bringing your favourite toys to avoid the hassle. However, with the new EBS adaptor cables, you can solve many of these issues easily and save the space that those extra power supplies may occupy.

To increase the voltage, use the DC1-48 90/0 SER and connect two outputs from your power supply. Two 9V outputs in SERIAL will provide 18V. Two 12V outputs in SERIAL will provide 24V, and so on. The total voltage will be the voltage from both outputs added together. 2.1 mm plugs. 48 cm cable.

IMPORTANT! Requires a power supply with isolated, floating outputs.


DC1-48 90/0 SER, Serial DC Cable RED