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2box TrigIt Trigger Set

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The 2Box Trigit Trigger Kit includes 1 x kick drum trigger and 4 x snare/tom triggers. The 2Box TrigIt triggers allow you to sample your drums into a range of unique drum sounds via an electronic drum module. This offers endless sound opportunities and allows you to achieve professional-sounding drums on any drum kit.

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When paired with silent drumheads, the 2Box TrigIt triggers allow you to play without disrupting your neighbours or family members, while achieving high-quality sounds in your recording or headphones. With a solid metal enclosure, special foam detector and silicon covered tip, the TrigIt triggers simply clip onto your snare, tom, or kick drum and send a signal to your drum module via the dual Piezo transducers making them great for both live and studio scenarios


  • Combine any drum with any electronic drum module
  • Professional-sounding drums even with old or poorly tuned drumheads
  • Offers endless sound opportunities
  • Practise without keeping the neighbours awake (using silent heads)
  • Long-life Piezo transducer for consistent and fast triggering
  • Silicon covered hooks to reduce sliding and avoid scratches
  • Special foam controller with unique 'memory' feature
  • Robust metal housing to protect transducers against stray stick hits


Snare/Tom Triggers

  • Trigger Type: Snare/Tom Drum
  • Trigger Zones: 1
  • Connection: 1/4'' Jack
  • Transducer: 1x Piezo
  • Controller: Foam
  • Attachment: Silicon Covered
  • Housing: Metal
  • Finish: Silver / Black

Kick Triggers

  • Trigger Type: Kick Drum
  • Number of Triggers: 4
  • Trigger Zones: 2
  • Connection: 1/4'' Jack
  • Transducer: 2 x Piezo
  • Controller: Foam
  • Attachment: Silicon Covered
  • Housing: Metal